The not talked about importance of credit

 With the economy in the dumps due to a virus that has the world on lock down. Business world wide is at all time low. The banks see this and to combat it they lower interest rates, in hopes to get more customers. Now tons of people will go the banks for business, but only the few with excellent credit score will get the lowered interest  rates. This is a protection for the banks, and one way not being on top of credit score can cost you money. 
 The paragraph above was just one example of a opportunity lost, a low credit score hinders the amount of opportunity to get ahead. If you are entrepreneur you understand great ideas come and go like the wind. Once you see an opportunity arise , you have to act fast to capitalize. Now if you don't have the cash up front,which most people don't , you would use a credit line. Now i'm sure you know where this goes. Only those people who were on top of their credit can reap the reward of a great idea. 
  Now we could go on and list all big purchases that people make and show the numbers. But you've seen it all. It looks like banks are stealing off someone who had a few slip ups. This is why i was inspired to start J&A credit solutions, we always do the best we can to make sure your credit rights are fairly represented to get you the score you desire. We want you to be ready for when opportunity comes knocking. 
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